Making certain you get traffic!

Many of the top search engines and directories rank web sites according to how many links there are pointing to your site. These are called incoming links. For example, Google, Inc. utilizes link popularity to be an important factor in their ranking algorithm. Often the text found close to the sending link or included in the linking path is also considered important. Some engines also rank according to how many outgoing links a site has. A site that has many outgoing hyperlinks is considered a hub or authority. These links need to be going to sites in a similar area or field of interest for that site to be considered an authority. Consequently, the relevance and authority of links is important. It's best if the sites linking to and from you are related in theme to your site.

PromoNet can help you increase your link popularity by contacting related, noncompetitive sites for exchanges. We can provide, manage and execute a carefully focused Link Exchange Campaign that will bring more qualified visitors to your site and help generate sales.

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