Making certain you get traffic!

PromoNet Technologies, Inc. grew up when the old phrase - "if you build it they won't come" was popular. Unfortunately that phrase is still too often the case when you look to graphic designers or IT programmers calling themselves Web developers to be responsible for your Web Channel. Consider that if it were really as easy as purchasing a promotion software program or paying an impossibly low fee - everyone would have the top rated result on the search engines! PromoNet helps you develop a direct e-mail capability that produces sales without creating numerous issues with SPAM complaints.

We can assist our clients to gain top level visibility on the important search engines and help them set-up linking programs that result in more qualified traffic to their Web site. Additionally, we have developed our own Promotion Software Programs operating on our servers within our Compass Point structure which can be tailored to specific needs and which can even measure the specific success of e-mail campaigns by open rates, page views and sales!

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